Carron Blom

Throughout her career, Carron has demonstrated the curiosity, courage, and tenacity to forge and navigate new areas of practice, and lead others towards change and improved infrastructure outcomes. She has developed a reputation for getting results as an innovative operator and strategic problem solver who specialises in complex, dynamic contexts. She has extensive experience in boundary-spanning roles and in synthesising multiple requirements and the diverse needs of stakeholders.

Prior to joining Resolve Group as a Technical Director, Carron developed her own specialist consultancy, served as a Deputy Environment Commissioner to the Environment Court of New Zealand, held senior leadership positions within significant and complex projects, and fulfilled a number of diverse governance and strategic advisory roles.

One of Carron’s clients says she has, “the ability to see past the job in hand to where it fits into a context of a whole industry, a whole way of doing things, and to fit the parts together… to make engineering and planning part of the whole business of making places and transforming the city.”

When she is not occupied with strategising, innovating and synthesising, Carron likes to paint, travel to interesting places, learn languages, and potter around in the garden.