Dawn is Resolve Group’s Commercial Manager focused on finance, administration, legal, insurance, HR and marketing. She has over 20 years’ experience as a management consultant and internal auditor in New Zealand and overseas. Working for Philippa Walker & Associates in the 1990s, she implemented management accounting systems for Manukau City Council, Transit, Serco, and Merial Pharmaceuticals. As an Internal Audit Consultant for PwC in New Zealand and in the UK, she specialised in reviewing the risks and systems in public sector clients such as District Health Boards, government departments, local authorities, housing agencies and universities. In this role she reported to the Board of Directors (or its equivalent) on whether the organisation was operating effective systems that would ensure it reached its objectives and appropriately addressed its risks. This enabled her to learn about a wide variety of operations from housing maintenance to a crematorium.

Having worked with Martin and Philippa in the 1990s, Dawn was delighted to join them again in 2008 when she returned to New Zealand after working in China. When she is not working, Dawn is adjusting to her recently emptied nest which has given her time to do more voluntary work with The Spirit of Work NZ, Engineers Without Borders, Habitat for Humanity and as a mentor to business students.