Karen Fehl

Karen is a consultant engineer with many years’ direct experience in transport technology; traffic engineering; contract, design and project management; contract documentation; client representation; safety auditing and traffic operations. She has worked for local government and national clients, here and in the UK.

Starting her professional life as a traffic engineer, Karen has worked as such in an ‘extra resource’ capacity throughout her career. She has performed numerous safety audits for a wide variety of clients and project managed a number of significant ‘safer roads’ projects. This breadth and dept of experience provides Karen with a complex understanding of the technical considerations of all transport projects. Her grasp of the challenges clients have in delivering safer roads and in meeting both their own safety objectives and those of local and national government bodies, and in integrating any piece of work with the wider network, makes Karen invaluable in any project where a comprehensive appreciation of safe networks is crucial.

One of Karen’s more significant roles was as Commissioning Manager for Auckland Transport’s AMETI Covered Box project from 2014-16. This systems integration role included establishing which technologies were needed to safely and efficiently operate the covered box, how to best test it, who owned the tests, who should perform them and how to best integrate this complex piece of roading into ATOC.

Having worked for Resolve Group almost since its inception, Karen has a deep understanding of the values, goals, priorities and culture of the company. Her non-confrontational, generous approach towards clients and team members, her sensitivity to others’ needs, her coaching mentality and her long history in the industry and within Resolve Group have garnered her much well-earned respect. As such, she is a valued member of the Senior Management team and, due to her comprehensive understanding of NZ’s road network and its issues, heads up our Transport Solutions Service Line. Here, her leadership style ensures expectations are met, not just for the client, but within the Resolve Group team.

Karen can bring to a project her ability to:

  • See the bigger picture without sacrificing an attention to detail
  • understand the elements of project and construction management, the design process and the fundamentals of safety and transportation engineering
  • help clients see paths to resolving issues that bring her up-to-date knowledge and long experience into play
  • get considerable satisfaction from completing tasks and achieving targets, which lets her make pragmatic decisions about all issues that might arise during a contract and thereby ensure projects comes in on time and on budget
  • Sensitively manage client and stakeholder expectations
  • Step into a leadership role without rocking the boat and lead teams to successful outcomes that satisfy all stakeholders
  • Value all the relationships she builds within the industry and with her co-workers, allowing her to leverage off these contacts when suitable

Karen has a busy family life taking care of her productive vegetable garden, three hockey-playing teenagers and a middle-aged dog. The family enjoy tramping and have a long term plan to walk all the great walks of New Zealand.