Martin Leak is Managing Director and a founding partner of Resolve Group. With over 40 years’ experience in transport engineering, Martin is a highly skilled engineer and commercially aware manager with a proven track record of delivering complex projects for clients. He is a great innovator with a wide breadth of experience in both professional services and contracting industries domestically and overseas. Challenging his team to deliver continuous improvements, which are benchmarked from his experiences of best practice from around the world, Martin is able to provide the lead in contract management, contract administration and risk assessment.

Martin is a specialist in dispute resolution between clients, consultants and contractors involving design, contract procedures, and contract claims. He has been called as an expert witness for Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency, councils and insurance companies. Martin works with managers to ensure risk management procedures are followed and he ensures that the appropriate procurement strategies are implemented for projects, minimising the risk of, and resolving, any contractual issues arising during construction.

“Martin is keen to look at best practice from investigating, studying and following worldwide practice. He is also keen to explore alternative options that can be beneficial rather than simply continuing to do things the same way. Martin fosters a good network of local and international experts that he can consult and bring into projects as appropriate. He uses this together with his knowledge of NZ clients’, contractors’ and consultants’ capabilities, and NZ legislative frameworks, to give optimum solutions.”

Phil Tindall, Senior Technical Director, Arcadis

Martin has particular experience and interest in:

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Company Management
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Dispute Resolution

Projects Martin is currently working on include:

  • Auckland Airport Taxiway Expansion
  • Auckland Airport Fuel Line Replacement
  • Ruapehu Whakapapa Gondola Construction
  • NZTA Seapath Development
  • NZTA/AT Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path
  • NZDF Professional Service Alliance
  • NZTA Mangere Bridge replacement
  • NZTA/AIAL SH20 Motorway Widening
  • Kiwi Rail Bridge Replacement Auckland
  • NZTA Greenlane Motorway Widening
  • NZTA Review NOC Contract Claim
  • NZTA Newmarket Bridge Expert Evidence
  • SFO Expert Evidence North Shore City
  • SFO Expert Evidence Auckland Transport
  • AT Connected Communities Professional Services Alliance
  • Waimakariri Outfall Structure
  • NZTA Christchurch Motorways
  • Wellington Water Wellington Harbour Aquifier Geotechnical Contract
  • Kiwi Rail Auckland Electrification Contract Maintenance
  • Kiwi Rail Wellington Signal Mainteance
  • NZTA/Kiwi Rail Ellerslie Motorway Widening
  • NZTA Ellerslie Noise Walls
  • NZTA Ellerslie, Market Road, Grafton Bridge Seismic Strengthening.

Martin enjoys keeping abreast of global transportation issues and regularly participates in international Intelligent Transport Systems Conferences. He has also been elected to a number of international transport committees. Outside of working hours Martin likes to spend time with his family and on the golf course.