Rick van Barneveld is a transportation, procurement and management consulting professional who brings a wealth of experience in the road and rail industries going back to the 1980s. Since then, he has been Transit’s Land Transport Manager, National Highways Manager and Chief Executive; has worked on the project to plan, design and construct a 215 kilometre railway in Queensland and has spent five years as the General Manager of Infrastructure and Engineering for KiwiRail.

He has extensive experience in procurement, performance based contracts, institutional strengthening and asset management. His change management capabilities include a proven record of building a talented team with a reputation for innovation and efficiency in times of change. He is skilled at establishing relationships across change agendas with leaders from central and local government, businesses and suppliers and has experience reorganising seven regional businesses to a single national functional structure.

Rick is part of Resolve Group’s Strategic Advice team and is based primarily in Wellington where he can provide better reach to our South Island operators.

Rick’s particular skills include:

  • An ability to steer paths through complexity and achieve stretching outcomes reliably
  • The Development of strategy for start-up and reform situations allowing for tactical implementation, innovation and efficiency
  • Leading the establishment of operating capabilities for organisations in times of transition
  • Strategy, planning, development and implementation for major system changes in asset management, outsourcing, procurement, performance contracts and private sector collaboration
  • Organisational design
  • Development of vision, policy, decision making and regulatory frameworks
  • Establishing and maintaining respected relationships in the private and public sector to create platforms for innovation and collaboration
  • Operationalising demand management to complement road construction to reduce congestion
  • Fostering smart growth plans to proactively drive land transport decisions

Outside of work Rick has a vintage car and is a cautious Harley rider who also likes weekends on Wellington’s coast at Pukerua Bay. Mountain biking provides a bit of exercise and adrenalin. Most important, however, are Jeanette and three grown sons and their families, alongside his commitment to a city church.