Steve has developed his civil and transport engineering skills in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Making use of his construction management and road safety background, he has worked with clients such as the NZ Transport Agency, Auckland Transport, Roads and Maritime Services (Sydney), VicRoads (Melbourne) and MainRoads (Western Australia).

For seven years, Steve was the Application Manager for DYNAC, the NZ Transport Agency’s national incident management system. This deep interest and experience in the management of Intelligent Transport Systems projects led to him holding key roles in the development of Auckland Council’s 3D Digital Auckland technology project and the National Intelligent Transport Management System.

Since joining Resolve Group in 2007, Steve’s strengths in all facets of project management and delivery, his ability to understand client needs, and his tireless promotion of Resolve Group, nationally and internationally, have been acknowledged with his appointment to the role of Delivery Service Line Leader.

Steve has the ability to approach complex projects with a high degree of agility and lateral thinking, which he has found especially useful whenever requirements change during the project lifecycle. He is especially enjoying the challenge of balancing day-to-day project delivery with directing the projects his peers are delivering, while also managing the needs of a team within the business.

Steve has a lifelong love of fishing and when not spending time with his young family,  enjoys swimming, kite surfing and occasionally mountain biking.